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A Deep dive into
Higher ED Branding

When m5 Marketing US wanted to add to its higher education portfolio, it seemed a natural fit: the agency had experience with college and universities – and it had built its reputation on branding over the almost 30 years in business.

A pillar page is a “comprehensive resource page that covers a topic in depth and links to high-quality content created for the supporting subtopics.”* It seemed an ideal way to showcase the agency’s expertise, make use of links, and raise awareness through SEO.

The pillar page can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf, which provides contact information with which to build leads.

This page provides a thorough overview of higher education branding: what it is, how it’s used, and why good branding is critical to set one’s university apart from the rest of the pack.

*HubSpot, 2018. “Pillar Pages, Topics, and Subtopics.”



Healthcare Careers

This is a LinkedIn Careers page created for the Human Resources department at Elliot Health System, the largest provider of healthcare services in Southern New Hampshire. Spotlight career opportunities are posted here, as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Marketing Agency

A landing page offering free consults to businesses in need of marketing services. This is one of several landing pages I created  in HubSpot for the agency.


Interactive Kiosks

This is a blog for Advanced Kiosks, a firm that manufacturers kiosks and software for the kiosks. The company is headquartered in Concord, NH, but serves a global market.

We are so extremely impressed by Tami; she always gets our content out there and in front of as many people as possible who can gain value from it. She also is mindful of all the different healthcare-related celebrations and we can always count on her to promote them for us. She’s creative and always offering ideas. Her attention to detail is also extraordinary. Anne-Marie Hafeman

Marketing Manager, Public Affairs & Marketing, Elliot Health System

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